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Patriot Energy Group: Transforming the Way We Purchase Competitive Energy

Burlington, MA - 11/24/2014 - Patriot Energy Group, Inc., a New England based energy broker is changing the way competitive energy is sold with the launch of two unique products – the Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan and Hancock Portfolio Plan. Both plans use aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its clients' seasonal power.

The debut of these revolutionary electricity products provide cost saving opportunities that have never before been offered in the energy market. Traditionally, this type of pricing structure was only available to large commercial/industrial clients, but Patriot Energy Group has made it available for businesses of all sizes.

Clients who are enrolled will benefit from aggregate buying at optimal times throughout the year, which helps protect them against seasonal price spikes. This structure is a way to potentially mitigate risk and help reduce electricity bills.

"There is no question that managing your energy spend should be handled with as much thought and care as your financial portfolio. Electricity is an investment, and can be a significant expense for a business of any size." Louis Frate, President and CEO. "Our modern approach to energy management has the potential to play an important role in controlling your electricity bills."

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