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Below is an archive of Patriot Energy Group's weekly Newsletter. Industry news articles and data are gathered from trusted sources providing information on a number of topics, including; distribution, generation, supply, technology, efficiency, regulation, renewable energy and utility rates.

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Report Finds Electricity Markets Rife with Innovation, Customer Satisfaction

Competitive retail electricity markets are flourishing in the dozen states that permit robust customer choice in electricity.; Click here for full 12/20/12 Newsletter

Slowdown Seen in Electricity Prices

Ratepayers are getting a bit of a break on the price of electricity, according to the latest government analysis.; Click here for full 12/13/12 Newsletter

Customers Benefit as Organized Wholesale Power Markets Delivering Savings, Efficiencies

Evidence of the value for customers from organized competitive wholesale power markets continues to pile up.; Click here for full 11/29/12 Newsletter

Carbon Tax Could Curb Emissions While Cutting Deficit

In the search for safety barriers at the edge of the US fiscal cliff, a carbon tax is a possible solution that's expected to get serious attention during the remainder of 2012 and beyond. ; Click here for full 11/15/12 Newsletter

Preparing the Power Grid for the Next Sandy

Hurricane Sandy left over eight million people along the East Coast without power. More than a week later, hundreds of thousands are still in the dark. ; Click here for full 11/8/12 Newsletter

Blackouts Remain for 6.1 Million as Power Repairs Begin

Power has been restored to about 28 percent of those blacked out by Hurricane Sandy, still leaving 6.1 million customers without electricity as utility workers restrung wires and repaired flooded equipment.; Click here for full 11/1/12 Newsletter

Texas Officials May Double Electricity Price Cap

The Texas Public Utility Commission is likely to double the price cap on wholesale electricity to encourage more generation.; Click here for full 10/25/12 Newsletter

Fuel Switching Is Not So Easy

In the United States, utilities have been switching fuels for the power generators. While many commentators believe the motivation to switch is regulatory, the primary incentive is economics.; Click here for full 10/18/12 Newsletter

U.S. Electric Grid Gets Regulatory Jolt Into 21st Century

Order 1000 sets out broad guidelines for planning, building and paying for new transmission lines designed to meet growing demand, maintain reliability and, crucially, bring on line remote alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.; Click here for full 10/11/12 Newsletter

States Boost Energy Efficiency, But Which do Best?

Energy policy may be divisive on Capitol Hill and the campaign trail, but states - blue and red - are making major gains in energy efficiency, says a 50-state scorecard released today.; Click here for full 10/4/12 Newsletter

Energy Independence Won't Guarantee Low Prices

On the presidential campaign trail, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have vowed to break the United States free of foreign oil, offering a pledge of at least North American "energy independence."; Click here for full 9/27/12 Newsletter

New York Grid Sees More Risk of Outages in Next Decade

Coal and nuclear power plant retirements in New York state could lead to transmission and generation problems, increasing the risk of power outages in the next few years.; Click here for full 9/20/12 Newsletter

U.S. Carbon Emissions Fell in Three of Last Four Years

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from energy production declined in the U.S. in 2011 the third time in four years and the fourth time in the last six years that has happened, the Energy Department said Tuesday.; Click here for full 9/13/12 Newsletter

More Gas-fired Power May Hike Winter Blackout Risk

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) spent August holding five regional conferences, where commissioners discussed local situations directly with electric grid operators, utilities, power generators, natural gas pipeline operators and gas producers and distributors.; Click here for full 9/6/12 Newsletter

Weakening Tropical Storm Isaac Eases Gulf Energy Threat

Tropical Storm Isaac's threat to offshore energy production in the Gulf of Mexico eased as the weather system weakened while still dumping rain and producing storm surges over Louisiana. Forecasters expect it to become a tropical depression later today.; Click here for full 8/30/12 Newsletter

Reliance on Natural Gas Sparks Concern

New England's increasing reliance on natural gas has regional energy officials worried about potential shortages over the next few years that could disrupt electricity production, especially if the area is hit with an extremely cold winter.; Click here for full 8/23/12 Newsletter

What Is Set to Drive Natural Gas Prices Lower?

With the approaching end of the cooling season and continued strong supply from domestic gas producers, prices are likely to revert to their earlier trading range between $2 and $3 per million BTU.; Click here for full 8/16/12 Newsletter

Lawmakers Urge Obama Administration to OK Natural Gas Exports

Lawmakers ratcheted up pressure on the Obama administration on Tuesday to speed approval for companies to export natural gas, arguing it would help relieve a glut dampening output of the fuel.; Click here for full 8/9/12 Newsletter

Lights Out for the U.S. Power Grid?

In terms of number of people affected, the largest power grid failure in history occurred in India this week, and it raises a question for America: Is the U.S power grid susceptible to a nationwide collapse?; Click here for full 8/2/12 Newsletter

Power Sector Environmental Regulations Could Cost Consumers $2 Trillion

Complying with pending mercury and ozone rules, and possibly carbon regulations, will mean replacing substantial amounts of coal capacity, mainly with natural gas.; Click here for full 7/27/12 Newsletter

Oil, Gas Company Profits Still High, But Down From Last Year; Natural Gas Glut Has Impact

For oil and gas companies, the math was simple in the second quarter: lower prices equaled lower profits.; Click here for full 7/20/12 Newsletter

Electric Rates Not Falling Along With Fuel Costs

A plunge in the price of natural gas has made it cheaper for utilities to produce electricity. But the savings aren't translating to lower rates for customers. Instead, U.S. electricity prices are going up.; Click here for full 7/12/12 Newsletter

Texas PUC to Vote on Wholesale Power Price Caps

With temperatures now soaring into the 100s, the Texas Public Utility Commission is set to vote Thursday on raising the price cap on wholesale electricity rates by 50 percent later this summer.; Click here for full 6/28/12 Newsletter

Power Companies Ready for U.S. Northeast Heat Wave

With air conditioners cranking as a heat wave bears down on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, demand for power should surge, but not to record levels.; Click here for full 6/21/12 Newsletter

Power Industry Grapples with Natural Gas Markets

Last Friday, a small group of influential industry leaders and policy analysts gathered in Baltimore, MD to discuss the increasingly complex and poorly coordinated interface between electric and gas markets..; Click here for full 6/14/12 Newsletter

U.S. Ethics Group Urges Probe of Natural Gas Output Cuts

A Washington-based ethics watchdog has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether energy firms conspired to fix natural gas prices by cutting production this year, an allegation the producers deny.; Click here for full 6/7/12 Newsletter

Shale Energy Boom Dangles Prospect of Leap in Economic Growth

America's reliance on fuel imports has sucked vigor from its economy for decades. Now an oil and natural gas boom holds out the prospect for a new era of stronger U.S. economic growth.; Click here for full 5/31/12 Newsletter

Wholesale Prices Flirt with Lows: ISO-NE

Wholesale electricity prices in New England inched up 2 cents in April, continuing a trend of record or near-record low prices for the region in recent months, according to numbers released Wednesday by ISO New England.; Click here for full 5/24/12 Newsletter

Electric Sector Sparking Natural Gas Optimism

Long-term shifts in electric sector demand from coal to natural gas are under way and will drive gas prices higher than expected this year and to $4 per million Btu in 2013, says a veteran analyst.; Click here for full 5/17/12 Newsletter

Power Companies Hope for El Nino Break from Record Summer Heat

Is the US headed for a cooler summer and a lower demand for energy-intensive air conditioning following the surging temperatures of recent years?.; Click here for full 5/10/12 Newsletter

Energy Officials See Another Natural Gas Treasure Trove

The Department of Energy will launch new research into technologies for unlocking methane gas trapped in icelike crystals on Alaska's North Slope, after promising tests earlier this year.; Click here for full 5/3/12 Newsletter

New Federal Fracking Rules Expected 'Soon’

The Interior Department won't rush its regulations for hydraulic fracturing on federal land because if drilling there isn't done safely, it "could create an Achilles heel for natural gas" and hinder production across the U.S., says Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.; Click here for full 4/26/12 Newsletter

Hurricanes to Provide Little Gas Support: Energy Markets

A below-average Atlantic storm season in 2012 probably will provide little support for energy prices as natural gas trades at 10-year lows.; Click here for full 4/19/12 Newsletter

Energy Regulators in New Push to Quash Manipulation

Emboldened energy market regulators are mounting an aggressive new campaign to stamp out a once commontrading practice that crosses physical and paper markets, unnerving traders who fear a backlash over years-old deals.; Click here for full 4/12/12 Newsletter

Customer Switching Grows in States With Retail Choice

The number of electric utility customers buying power from retail marketers has climbed substantially in the last few years and the benefits should prompt more states to enact retail choice.; Click here for full 4/5/12 Newsletter

Volcker Rule Could Raise Energy prices, Study Says

The proposed Volcker rule crackdown on trading and investing by banks could cause gasoline, electricity and natural gas prices to rise, according to a new report.; Click here for full 3/29/12 Newsletter

Obama to Fast-track Oil Pipeline, Other Projects

President Barack Obama will direct federal agencies to fast-track an oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas, backing a segment of the larger Keystone XL project that he rejected earlier this year.; Click here for full 3/22/12 Newsletter

Crude Futures Rise in New York, Gaining as Much as 0.6%

Crude oil for April delivery dropped 28 cents, or 0.3 percent, to $105.15 a barrel at 9:40 a.m. on the New York Mercantile Exchange.; Click here for full 3/15/12 Newsletter

Clean-Energy Plan Seen Benefiting Natural Gas Suppliers

Natural gas, which already is edging aside coal in American electricity generation, would be one of the biggest benefi ciaries of a clean-energy mandate for utilities under consideration in Congress this year.; Click here for full 3/8/12 Newsletter

U.S. Natural Gas Ends Up Ahead of Stocks Report

U.S. natural gas futures ended higher on Wednesday, backed by slightly cooler weather forecasts and some technical buying after four straight losing sessions and on the eve of a weekly government inventory report.; Click here for full 3/1/12 Newsletter

U.S. Gas Low Enough to Boost Switch From Coal

U.S. natural-gas prices are in a "stable”" range that is low enough to encourage power generators to switch from coal and high enough to keep gas producers from cutting production.; Click here for full 2/23/12 Newsletter

Cape Wind's Nstar Deal May Spur Financing of U.S. Offshore Farm

Nstar's agreement to purchase power from Cape Wind Associates LLC may lead to financing of the first U.S. offshore wind project.; Click here for full 2/16/12 Newsletter

Pennsylvania Set to Let Counties Put Fees on Natural-Gas Wells

Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a bill to let counties levy fees on natural-gas wells, which the state estimates may generate about $211 million in revenue this year.; Click here for full 2/9/12 Newsletter

Cheap Natural gas jumbles energy markets, stirs fears it could inhibit renewables

For the past three years, promoters of shale gas and environmentalists opposed to coal-fi red power plants have hailed the sudden abundance of U.S. natural gas as a bridge to a renewable energy future.; Click here for full 2/2/12 Newsletter

Obama seeks to lift natural gas demand

Plans to increase US demand for natural gas, including a new tax break for gas-fuelled trucks, are being unveiled by President Barack Obama on Thursday as part of the effort set out in his state of the union address to support "American-made energy"..; Click here for full 1/26/12 Newsletter

Obama Rejects Canada-Texas Oil Pipeline for Now

In a politically explosive decision, President Barack Obama on Wednesday rejected plans for a massive oil pipeline through the heart of the United States, ruling there was not enough time for a fair review before a looming deadline forced on him by Republicans.; Click here for full 1/19/12 Newsletter

Nigerian Unions Vow to Paralyze Oil Output

Nigeria's two main oil unions threatened to shut output in Africa's top crude producer as a national strike entered its fourth day, mounting pressure on President Goodluck Jonathan to restore fuel subsidies.; Click here for full 1/12/12 Newsletter

US Natural Gas Supplies Shrank Last Week

The nation's natural gas supplies fell last week, the government said Thursday. The Energy Department's Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report that natural gas in storage shrank by 76 billion cubic feet to 3.472 trillion cubic feet for the week ended Dec. 30.; Click here for full 1/05/12 Newsletter

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